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Chichester Festival 2007 - Winners

Posted by admin on March 3, 2007

The three day guitar section of the Chichester Festival has yet again had more entrants than ever before. The Solo Novice under 9 years class had an unprecedented 30 entries!

The adjudicators for the Festival represented 2/3 of the Segovia Guitar Trio. Vincent Lindsey-Clark judged the under 18s and Roland Gallery the seniors. Vincent is a prolific composer who has written a wide range of music from the Simply Guitar series for early players through to more demanding works. The examining boards use Vincent's music extensively and some of his pieces were played at the Festival. He recently conducted one of his works written for 90 guitars at the Royal Albert Hall.

Roland is currently Professor of Guitar at the Trinity College of Music and he also teaches gifted young children at the Purcell School of Music. Roland is a prolific arranger and has produced over 300 arrangements mostly for guitar ensembles. We were very fortunate in having such prestigious musicians to adjudicate for us.

Chichester Festival 2007 Under 18
664Guitar OrchestraOakwood Ens/WAMC Intermediate Ens 1
650Novice age under 9Non Competitive
650ABeginner age under 9Zoe Barnett
659BNovice Duo"P" Duo
659AFamily DuetLord of the Strings Duo
651Solo Novice age 10-12Emma Thurgood
651ASolo Beginner age 10-12Perry Emerson/George Robinson
652Novice age over 13George Kinigopoulos
664BIntermediate OrchestraWAMC Int Ensemble 2
653Solo age 12 & underJames Branchflower
659Duet age 12 & underButterfly Duo
665ASelf acc songZoe Barnett
665BSelf acc song age 10 & overTamzin Barnett
656Guitar Solo Bach age 12 & underJames Branchflower
668Technical Perfection age12 & underZoe Barnett
666Junior Recital Class Age 12 & underTamzin Barnett
666AIntermediate Recital Class Age 12-15Zack Franklin
655Solo age 12-15Adam Lack
668ATechnical Prefection age 12-15Adam Lack
660Duet age 13-15Adam Lack & Peter Hopkins
657Bach Class age 13-18Karim Bedda
654Family EnsembleThe Burford Family
665Guitar + other instrument or voiceFantasia Duo
663Guitar Trio or Quartet Age 12 & underBishop Luffa Quartet
658Guitar Solo Open Age 18 & underRoss Barnes
661Guitar Duet Age 18 & underSora Duo
668BTechnical Perfection Class Age up to 18Felix Kellaway
667Advanced Recital Class Age 18 & underFelix Kellaway
Chichester Festival 2007 Over 18
670Adult NoviceChris Childs
671Solo IntermediateRoy Barron
672Intermediate DuetAndy Clarke & Tom Emery
677Solo OpenVictoria Walker /Chris Sweatman
676Guitar OrchestraUnisemble
674Guitar + other Instrument/voiceThe Dowland Duo
680Song accompanied by GuitarTom Jeffers
673Advanced DuetArcadia Duo
675Trio or QuartetGala Quartet
678Bach OpenLinda Kelsall-Barnett
679Recital OpenLinda Kelsall-Barnett