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Gary Ryan - Visions and Vistas

Posted by admin on June 29, 2008

Gary Ryan has recently released a new CD entitled

Visions and Vistas.

The CD starts off with three ensemble works:

  • Generator (For 2 Guitars)
  • Dreams, Rest & Motion (For 2 Guitars)
  • Latin Cabaret (Showgirls) (For 3 Guitars)
All parts are played by Gary and recorded using multi track studio recordings and are devoid of any electronic trickery. All recordings are played on Gary's cedar lattice classical guitars made by luthier Stephen Hill.

Generator was originally written for Mark Eden and Chris Stell, while Latin Cabaret was commissioned by the Appassionata Trio and also appears on their 2005 CD Let Go

The CD then moves on to three solo works, the Scenes From Brazil:

  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Junglescape
  • Rio Bay

More solo works follow, three pieces which were conceived in part as technical studies. Gary is not keen on the title "study", postulating that it "often seems to stifle the imagination and perpetuate the myth that somehow technique is detached from music making".

These three pieces go by the collective title of City Scenes:

  • Rush
  • Birds Flew Over The Spire
  • Metropolis

The CD concludes with two pieces influenced by Irish folk music and ballads, collectively entitled Songs From Erin:

  • Out Of Clonmel
  • Lough Caragh

Out of Clonmel uses an unusual D, A, D, F#, A D tuning, allowing the 6 open strings to form a D major chord. Lough Caragh by contrast uses a conventional drop D tuning. Both pieces were originally commissioned by Rebecca Baulch and Lough Caragh was performed by Rebecca during the last Appassionata recital at the RSM in 2007.

The club has a box of CDs which are available, priced at only £12. If you'd like a copy, please email gro.ratiugxessustsew+stekcit