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Wheel Clamping - a Warning

Posted by admin on January 26, 2009

This article is a little off topic, but if it saves you a *lot* of money I'm sure you won't mind.

Those of you who know the Regis School of Music well, will most likely have seen a patch of land immediately opposite the front entrance on the opposite side of the road. This land is private property and there are warning notices in place, but they are not very prominent and difficult to read, particularly in the dark.

Please, please, do *not* park on this piece of land.

On two occasions in the last few days, people visiting the RSM have come out to find their cars wheel clamped, and have had to pay a *£125* release fee, in cash in order to have the cars released.

The clamping firm seem to be particularly zealous and it's not worth spoiling your evening over something as unpleasant as this.