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Chichester Festival 2010

Posted by admin on February 9, 2010

The two weekends of 6th-14th February saw a huge influx of guitarists and their supporters to Bognor Regis. The guitar section of the Chichester Festival of Music, Dance and Speech was held at The Regis School of Music

in Sudley Road, under the auspices of the West Sussex Guitar Club. In addition to local guitarists, performers came from far afield to compete. There was a record number of 145 entries plus 4 guitar orchestras in the under 18's classes and 71 entries plus 2 guitar orchestras in the adult classes. Altogether, there were over 43 classes spanning beginners to recital class and covering solo, duet and ensemble playing, together with guitar and voice and guitar with other instruments.

The adjudicators for the event were the highly respected guitarists Amanda Cook (under 18s and ensemble classes) and Paul Gregory (adult solos). Both said that the standard of playing was exceptionally high and this was a tribute not only to the performers, but also to the teachers and the supportive parents and families. The adjudicators were very encouraging to all the entrants and suggested ways in which the performances could be improved.

The results for the junior section are shown below:

650Solo Beginner: 9 years and underCharlie Elliott
651aSolo Beginner: 10 to 12Sam Delaney-Stone
652Solo Novice: 13 years and aboveYoshiki Tobino
653Solo 12 years and under ( Up to Grade IV)Louis Jenkin
653aSolo 12 years and under (Gr V & above)Matthew Veck
654Family EnsembleLouis & Alastair jenkin
655Solo 12 to 15 yearsGeorge Robinson
656Solo Bach class: 12 and underZoë Barnett
657Solo Bach class: 13 - 18Patrick Sowden
658Solo Open up to 18 yearsPeter Rogers
659Duet 12 and underNick Hagan & Oliver Troy
659aFamily DuetMatthew & Lucy Veck
660Duet 13 - 15 yearsGeorge Robinson & Adam Lack
661Duet 18 and underYu & Wataru Onodera
662Trio or Quartet 12 and underThe Young Plackers
663Trio or Quartet 13 and aboveArashi Trio
664Guitar Orchestra ElementaryThe Prebendal Ensemble
664aGuitar Orchestra IntermediateSAMC Intermediate Guitar Ensemble
665aSelf accompanied song on the guitar ( 9 and under)Francesca Clayton
665bSelf accompanied song on the guitar 10 & overLaura Gibbs
666Junior Recital Class: (12 and under)Lucy Haynes
666aIntermediate Recital Class (12 - 15)Jerry Williams & James Li-Kam-Tin
667Advanced Recital (up to 18)Adam Lack
668Technical Perfection Class I (12 and under)Zoë Barnett
668aTechnical Perfection Class II (12 - 15)Jacob Loveman
668bTechnical Perfection Class III (up to 18)Sam Brown

The results for the senior section are shown below:

Solo Novice1st Gavin Stevens
Solo Intermediate I1st Irina Ilieva, 2nd David Inns/Ray Hayden
Solo Intermediate II1st Roy Barron, 2nd John White/Baz Boxall
Duet Novice1st Mirror Image
Duet Intermediate1st Yvonne Scott & Baz Boxall
Guitar Duet Advanced1st Ian Burt & Debbie Burford, 2nd John Mason & Diana Green
Guitar with other Instrument1st Quintessential Quintet
Guitar Trio or Quartet1st Gala Quartet, 2nd Jeffers Trio
Guitar Orchestra1st Regis Guitars/Chris's Ensemble
Guitar Solo Open1st Linda Kelsall-Barnett, 2nd Terry Woodgate
Bach Class1st Sam Brown, 2nd Terry Woodgate
Guitar Recital Open1st Linda Kelsall-Barnett/Sam Brown
Song Accompanied by Guitar1st Tom Jeffers
Flamenco Class1st Ray Reddick
Composition1st Sam Brown, 2nd Samuel Stormont