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Judicael Perroy Off Stage

Posted by admin on June 27, 2010

Can I begin by asking how you pronounce your name?

It is pronounced Jewdikal Perwa - not Perroy

Is Judicael an unusual name?

Yes it is. I am not aware of another Judicael.

Rather like Moyria then. I must congratulate you on your superb English

Actually, I think I speak more American English rather than English English. That is because of my concert tours of America and also watching too many American movies on the television.

Are you from a musical family?

No, my parents like music, but do not play instruments. My brother teaches children at a primary school and he does not play.

How did you begin on the guitar?

I originally wanted to play the accordion, but instead my father bought me a classical guitar when I was 7 years old. He had seen John Williams play the guitar and was so impressed that I think he wanted me to learn to play the guitar.

Do you play any other instruments?

No, only the guitar.

Where have you given concerts?

All over America of course, most of Europe, Moscow, Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti and now England.

How many concerts do you give each year?

Typically some 30 concerts, half of which are with Jeremy Jouve who, of course, you know.

Where do you teach and how many students do you have?

I teach at the National Academy of Music at Aunay sous bois in Paris. And I teach individually some 20 pupils.

You have an amazing record for teaching GFA winners.

I have taught 3 GFA winners - Thomas Viloteau in 2005, Gabriel Bianco in 2008 and Florian Larousse in 2009.

What happens at the GFA competition and what restricts people from entering?

The GFA competitions are spread over some 5 days in a number of heats. There are a number of demanding test pieces which will limit who can enter, but there is no age restriction.

It must be tiring for the winner having to give some 60 concerts in a year?

I suppose so, but when you are very young this does not bother you. It will be very troublesome now with the increased security at the airports in the US. You have to arrive so much earlier for your flights and there are additional problems of carrying your guitar on the plane which they like to store in the hold now.

What have you lined up for the future?

I will shortly be making a cd recording with Naxos records of Bach music. That is why I like to play Bach in my concerts so that I can really feel the music.

Judicael was interviewed by Terry Woodgate.