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WSGF 2010 - The Winners

Posted by admin on November 29, 2010

The recent West Sussex Guitar Festival, held over two weekends at The Regis School of Music, Sudley Road, Bognor Regis has been a resounding success. There were 117 entries for the under 18 classes and 77 entries for the senior sections. However, when it is considered that there were many classes for duets and ensembles, there were a very large number of participants and indeed spectators. Entrants came from as far afield as Northampton, Winchester and Sevenoaks.

The Festival began with a concert on Friday evening given by Vincent Lindsey-Clark, a celebrated guitarist and composer of many pieces for the guitar. The Recital Hall was packed to capacity as the audience braved the gales and rain to see one of the country's top guitarists perform a spectrum of music ranging from the 18th Century to a number of his own current compositions.

Vincent was then the adjudicator for the first weekend where performances were given by the under 18's. The standard was very high indeed - a product of the dedication of the pupils, some fine teaching and very encouraging parents.

The adjudicator for the senior classes was Graham Devine another well respected recitalist and tutor. Classes ranged from non-competitive beginners through to advanced players. There were also ensembles including family groups, guitars with other instruments and with voice. There were even composer and arrangers' classes. The standard of playing was again extremely high and it was obvious that everyone had put in a great deal of preparation towards their performances. The audience were left in no doubt that Bognor's Got Talent. The event is not just a competition since the adjudicators were able to advise on technique and to demonstrate how the performances can be improved.

One of the highlights of the festival is the prestigious West Dean Scholarship which is awarded to a young person playing at grade 5 or above. The winner receives non-residential attendance at the West Dean International Guitar Festival and Summer School 2011, courtesy of West Dean College. The runner up receives a £200 bursary towards the attendance at the college awarded by the West Sussex Guitar Club. The standard of performance in this class was again exceptionally high. The judges had a very difficult decision to make, but after long deliberation chose Peter Rogers from Emsworth as the winner with Matthew Farrant (Felpham) and Emily Spirit (Oving) as worthy runners up.

A copy of Sibelius First software kindly donated by Sibelius was won by Debbie Burford (Bognor Regis) for her arrangement for Guitar Quartet of Leroy Anderson's Syncopating Clock.

Results of under 18s competition:

Solo Age 12 & under: 1st Charles Elliott, 2nd Thomas Phillips.

Solo Age 12 & under Grade III+: 1st Lucy Haynes, Louis Jenkin.

Solo I, under 15 & under Grade 5: 1st Annie Slater, 2nd Jack Scott-Green.

Solo II, under 15 & under Grade 5: 1st Emily Spirit, 2nd Nick Hagan.

Solo under 15, Grade VI+: 1st Andrew Creswick/Jacob Loveman, 2nd James Li-Kam-Tin, 3rd Patrick Sowden.

Technical perfection under 12: 1st Zoe Barnett, 2nd Louis Jenkin.

Technical perfection over 13: 1st Matthew Farrant, 2nd James Li-Kam-Tin.

Bach Class I Age 13 and under: 1st Louis Jenkin, 2nd Charlie Phillips.

Bach Class age 13+: 1st Victor Smith.

Advanced Open Class: 1st Richard Parker, 2nd Peter Rogers.

Junior Recital I Age 13 & under: 1st Emily Spirit, 2nd Zoe Barnett, 3rd William Morris/Sam Delaney-Stone.

Junior Recital II Age 18 & under: 1st Sam Brown, 2nd Matthew Farrant.

Music from Around he World: 1st Matthew Farrant, 2nd Keita Jibiki, 3rd Peter Rogers.

Guitar duet I Age 12 & under: 1st The Deller & Spirit Duo, 2nd Duetto.

Novice Guitar Duet: 1st Arishi Duo.

Guitar Duet Age 15 & under: 1st Zoe Barnett & Patrick Sowden, 2nd Nick Haglan& Oliver Troy Duo.

Guitar Duet age 18 & under: 1st Emily Spirit & Sam Brown Duo, 2nd Tsunami Duo.

Voice & guitar: 1st Peter Hopkins, 2nd Jacob Loveman.

Junior Guitar Ensemble: 1st SAMS Elementary Guitar Ensemble, 2nd Young Maestros.

Senior Guitar Ensemble: 1st SAMS Advanced Guitar Ensemble, 2nd SAMS Intermediate Guitar Ensemble.

Family Ensemble: 1st The Jenkin Duo, 2nd The Sowden Family.

Student & teacher Duo: Non-competitive.

Any plucked instrument other than guitar: 1st Curtis Strong.

Senior Classes competition:

Newcomers' Class: non competitive.

Intermediate Class I (Up to Grade III): 1st Ray Reddick/Robin Smith.

Intermediate Class II (Up to Grade VIII): 1st Roy Barron.

Renaissance: 1st Mitch Callow.

Bach Class: 1st Ashley Nicholls, 2nd Sam Brown.

Music Around the World: 1st Samuel Stormont.

Advanced Class: 1st Nina Rideout.

Virtuoso Class: 1st Sam Brown, 2nd Felix Kellaway.

Guitar duet advanced: 1st Lydia & Kay Hepworth, 2nd Ian Burt/Debbie Burford & John Mason/Diana Green.

Guitar Duet Intermediate: 1st The Beejays/Julian & Yvonne Duo.

Guitar Quartet: 1st Gala Quartet:

Guitar Ensemble: 1st The Regis Guitar Ensemble, 2nd Regis Guitars.

Ensemble Guitar with any other instrument: 1st The Quintessential Quintet.

Voice with Guitar accompaniment: 1st Peter Watkins/Tom Jeffers.

Any plucked instrument other than guitar: 1st Tom Jeffers.

Recital Class: 1st Linda Kelsall-Barnett, 2nd Nina Rideout.

Arrangement Class: 1st Debbie Burford.

Teacher & Student: non-competitive.

Guitar Concerto Class: 1st Sam Brown acc. by Justin Kwok.

Solo Guitar Composition: 1st David Roe/Samuel Stormont/Mitch Callow.

Guitar & other instrument Composition: 1st Samuel Stormont