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Top 10 Uses For Old Guitar Strings

Every couple of years, whether they need it or not, I change my strings. Over the years I've built up quite a collection. If, like me, you've wondered what to do with all these old strings, read on!

  1. The B and E strings could make a handy cheese slicer in the kitchen, for those moments when you just wished you worked in the deli at Tesco

  2. Forget bamboo canes - string a few up and watch your runner beans climb to, oh, waist height on your allotment

  3. Get some nails and some hardboard and create one of those lovely Seventies pinboard rafia type 'works of art' you often see on the shelf in charity shops

  4. Teach your cat to tightrope walk

  5. Cut them in half and fashion weird stringed instruments using odd bits of wood in your shed

  6. Coil them up and put a pack in your guitar case for that awkward moment mid-set when you break a string and realise you have no new strings with you

  7. Weave the copper-wound thickies into attractive bracelets and wrist jewellery

  8. Get some short sticks and rig up some trainee telephone wires for nervous birds

  9. Offer them to friends in ancient houses in need of wire when a fuse blows

  10. Trim off short sections and bind together to make hair extensions with a difference