West Sussex Guitar Club

Charity No. 1124762

Patrons: Gary Ryan & Fabio Zanon


World Youth Guitar Festival 2009

Tuesday, 11th August, 2009 12:00AM

Dean Close School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The major emphasis behind the World Youth Guitar Festival 2009 is ensemble playing, with each student integrated into one of our five WYGF guitar orchestras. Whether you are a seasoned performer with loads of experience, or instead, a relatively new guitarist just beginning to learn, we will make you all very welcome, and as our orchestras are graded to ability, nobody feels out of their depth.

Festival Website www.wygf.org

Attending with a group

WYGF has proved very popular with guitar ensembles who meet on a regular basis. It's a fantastic opportunity to come along together to take part and spend time with your friends - think of it like a group-bonding session! WYGF also runs a series of showcase platforms giving groups the chance to take centre stage and show us what they can do. Performances in these concerts were highly sort-after at WYGF07, so if your ensemble is planning to attend WYGF09 then book soon before all the slots are filled.

Attending on your own

You don't need to be part of a group to get the best out of WYGF, because we have many students who attend as individuals. WYGF gives these students the experience of playing in an ensemble helping them to improve all areas of their musicianship, which many other instrumentalists develop naturally in orchestras, chamber music ensembles or jazz bands. WYGF is a great place to meet like-minded young musicians and enjoy music-making together.

WYGF daily timetable includes:

  • WYGF guitar orchestra rehearsals
  • Professional concerts from world-renowned guitarists
  • Workshops & masterclasses
  • Ensemble Showcase Concert Series
  • "Finger-Aerobics", technique & exam tips
  • Individual lessons & coaching
  • Special events at WYGF:
  • WYGF talent show - start practising your `party-piece'!
  • Guitar Oscars Night - posh frocks all round for the guitar awards ceremony of the year
  • Tutors' Panto - an evening of mayhem!
  • WYGF09 Student Concert