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Tomas Jimenez

Tomás Jimenez and Maria Jose Garcia

Tomás was taught the guitar by his father and attended masterclasses with Gerardo Núñez and Paco Cruz, but it is his father’s influence that directs him with well-remembered advice "Don’t make the playing flowery because Flamenco by itself communicates every emotion and every human sentiment and you don’t have to add or take anything away from it”. Tomás started his career teaching at The Spanish Guitar Centre, founded by Len Williams father of John, where he embraced the Centre’s ethos of providing lessons of authentic uncommercialised Flamenco guitar and was soon invited to write a monthly column for Guitar International Magazine. He has performed all over the country notably at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Purcell Room (South Bank) either as a soloist or as part of a Flamenco company. More recently he has been accompanied on stage by Maria José Garcia.

Maria was born in Cartegena and studied Flamenco and classical Spanish dance gaining the title of Bailarina Professional from the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Madrid . She is elegant and tasteful, capable of producing fast powerful Zapateado (the Flamenco footwork) but does not overdo this, using her dance to express the true sentiment of each Flamenco form. Tomás states "In many of our concerts our work is primarily guitar and castanets. Rather than simply accompanying my compositions Maria José creates a dialogue with me, playing on the beat, off the beat and in the pauses or not at all. The result is a new composition that interweaves the sound of guitar and castanet.

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